Orphan Dream Ministry ~
Ministère du Rêve de l’Orphelin

Orphanage located in St. Marc Haiti

Support the Orphanage for a day.

The orphanage is up and running and has already made a huge impact on many lives in Haiti. From the children we’ve taken in, to the people who love and care for them, to the community they live in, this has been an awesome blessing. God has a special plan for each of these children and we can all be part of making his plan work. But, we need your help!

The cost of running the orphanage for one day is about $45 which includes food, boarding expenses, any medical expenses and caregiver salaries. Your contributions will help us to keep this dream alive.

If you would like to support the Orphanage for a day (or more) Send your check to the address below.

Help make a difference in lives of these poverty sticken kids.

The needs of this country are far greater than we can grasp.  Our church group makes a trip into Haiti at least 2 times a year.  Donating through our church will get your money directly into the hands of our Pastor in St. Marc.  100% of donations will be used for the daily needs of the orphanage. Please help us keep Pastor Robinson's dream alive.  


Send donation to:

Christ Community Church
PO Box 5550
Traverse City, MI 49696-5550


Or Email us for more information:


Recent Prayer Requests

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    Pray for this orphanage! We pray for wisdom, Love and guidance for Pastor Robinson and those helping care for the kids of this Orphanage.