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MinistŤre du RÍve de líOrphelin

Orphanage located in St. Marc Haiti

Vanessa @ age 7

Vanessa is the newest addition to the family! She is seven and the little sister of our oldest child, Samuel. Samuel is the son of Robinsonís brother in the little village of Desdunes. Robinson as an orphan didnít know he had family until just a few years ago and has gone to great lengths to help them all once he discovered them, but it is a very desperate and sad situation. He was able to secure Samuel and bring him to the orphanage in order to try to stabilize the deteriorating condition of his brotherís family, but because Vanessa was the only girl they tried to keep her, as girls are a cherished commodity in Haiti. He has tried to secure her for three years, watching her struggle to survive. Her mother left last year and went to Port-Au-Prince, leaving the family and forsaking her only daughter. This happens often in Haiti, and is generally the doom of children. Fatherís who can work leave the child on itís own, and the hazards of the country consume the child. Fatherís with physical conditions who canít work get to watch themselves and their children perish.  Recently in a desperate attempt to save whatís left of his family Robinsonís brother asked if Robinson would please take Vanessa. They were all starving and he could no longer take care of her. So Robinson was able to collect Vanessa January 1st.  In our orphanage we have a mixture of all kinds of situations. It has been our golden opportunity to bring two sets of brothers and sisters together.

Diane @ age 10

Dina has a servantís heart all the way. She thrives when she is able to help or care for anyone and she is very thoughtful about peopleís feelings. It is amazing how nurturing she is even when her own mother abandoned her and her brotherOtelson at such a young age. Dina was sent to work as a servant girl for her motherís relatives while Otelson who was still a baby stayed with their father. WhenOtelson was brought to the orphanage at age 6 we didnít know he had a sister. Their father died two weeks afterOtelson was brought to the orphanage of Cholera. On our next team trip while visiting a small village called Desdunes, Dina approached Robinson (the Director of the orphanage)to ask if her brother, Otelson was well. As soon as we found out that it really was his sister we tried to get her to the orphanage but her relatives didnít want us to have her. After 8 long months Robinson finally picked her up to bring to the orphanage and Dina was reunited with her brother. She loves to learn so it makes sense that her dream is to become a schoolteacher. Her favorite color is blue and she hopes to someday visit Michigan.

Vladimir @ age 3

There are so many things to say about this little charmer! His father brought him to us when he was 15 days old and asked us to please take him because his mother had passed away and he had no way of caring for him. Because we were not set up at the orphanage for babies, Robinson and his wife took him inThere is so much personality wrapped up into one little boy! Vlad is fascinated with anything that runs off of electricity and his mind seems to work like that of a mechanic! His smile could light a pitch-black room and his laugh and love for life is intoxicating! Vladimir is attending his first year of school and doing very well!

Liline @ age 10

Liline is fun loving and full of spunk! She loves to help and be in charge but she never ceases to cause a good laugh because at times she causes accidental havoc in her endeavors to help or do what she is supposed to! She is a bit rough around the edges but she is very loving and craves snuggles. Liline had been living with an Aunt up until she was brought to the orphanage, and she was expected to work in the garden from early in the morning until late in the evening. She was only 7 when she first came to the orphanage. She is a delightful girl with a beautiful heart and she gives hugs that melt you from the inside out. She is very caring and loves so deeply so it makes sense that she wants to become a nurse but thatís also why loss is so hard on her. Lilineís favorite color is hot pink and she hopes to visit Michigan someday!  

Otelson @ age 8

Otelson is all boy through and through! He is Dinaís younger brother. He loves to roughhouse and play and you will rarely see him without a smile or some goofy face! His laugh and charisma are infectious and even though being a doctor wouldnít be the first guess on career choice for him, he is force to be reckoned with and can do anything he sets his mind toEven though he is always keeping busy doing something he always comes around for snuggles. He is fascinated with cars and super heroes, his favorite color is blue and he would love to visit Michigan some day.

Samuel @ age 11

Samuel is growing into an amazing young man of God. He has always had an amazing ability to prayÖ At age 8 he prayed for ten minutes straight thanking God for a glass of water. The next time was at age 9 where he prayed over a childrenís service of 500 children and then at age 10 he prayed over the property behind the church asking for God to somehow provide more space for the ever-growingchurch. So it is no surprise that he wants to be a Pastor. He is a quiet boy but he is very observant and extremely thoughtful. He is Pastor Robinsonís nephew whose father is still living but could not afford to care for all of hischildren. Samuelsís favorite color is white, he is in the 3rd. grade and he would love to visit Michigan someday!

Kenley @ age 10

Whenever Kenley smiles he lights up the room and his charisma is contagious! He has always lived in St. Marc but both of his parents have passed and an Aunt was caring for him before he came to the orphanage. Thatís all we know about Kenley. He is always laughing, smiling and giving out hugs! He is usually the one with the most to say about something! He wants to be a pro Soccer Player, his favorite color is yellow, his favorite thing to do is ride bikes, he has always wanted to race cars on a play station and even though he would love to come to Michigan he would really like to visit BrazilÖ. Presumably to meet the soccer players from there!

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